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Plans for 2 split ep releases will also take part later this year. More information soon. New photos of the new line-up will be online soon.

LORD ALATOTH-VOCALS , KHAL-DROGO-GUITARS, EHETOS-BASS AND EMPEROR PALMIST- DRUMS will enter the studio again on the end of February to record their next epus "ΒΛΑΣΦΗΜΗ ΕΠΟΠΟΙΙΑ" (BLASPHEMIC EPUS) out on Unisound records (for cd-version) and Decapitated Records (for Lp-version) later this year.

VORPHALACK finished 2 tracks for the forthcoming new 7'' attack that is called "Kneel and hear the music of Satan". The 7'' will be released through Decapitated Records (same label with releases from bands such as: ORDER FROM CHAOS RELEASES, MORTUARY DRAPE, VARATHRON, THOU ART LORD, EQUIMATHORN) and will be very limited. This is the very first recording with the new line-up.

The "Lullabies" of the Vampire cd is selling great and its almost sold out. Very good reviews has been received despite the bad sound of the tracks. The tracks has been taken from old tapes and the sound is not so good.

Great News! Vorphalack will release a new cd in December 2001, it will be called "Lullabies" of a Vampire. On this cd there is a new line up: Lord Alatoth is still doing the vocals, Khal Drogo from Nocternity is playing the guitars and Ehetos (ex-Kawir/Carpathian Lords) is playing bass.

VORPHALACK's side project NAR MATARON will soon have their own official homepage on the internet created again by the leading artist in creating Greek Metal homepages namely EvilGreek of EVIL GREEK PRODUCTIONS.

VORPHALACK have finished 7 new tracks for their forthcoming Cd "Blasfhmh Epopoiia" (Blasphemic epus).The new tracks will be more in the vein of the second side of our mini-lp with lots of keyboard parts and intros in every song.

Recently the band gave 2 interviews to major magazines. One in Russia and the other one to "Majesty of Fools" from Belgium.

The new NAR MATARON songs are now recorded and mixed.

VORPHALACK has finished writing seven new songs. Yet are no titles revealed...

The Official homepage of VORPHALACK is finnally online. It is created by Evil Greek Productions who earlier has created greek metal and other metal related pages on the internet.

VORPHALACK's new mini-lp is already out. It is called "In Memory..." and is dedicated to Anton Szandor LaVey. It contains five extreme black metal tracks, on side A there is very fast black songs while on side B the tempo is slower and more oldschool Vorphalack black metal. The mini-lp is released through the Greek label Melancholy Promotion which already has some great releases earlier.

Talking about Melancholy Promomotion the band WAMPYRINACHT which contains all the three members of VORPHALACK and Lucifer's Child has also recently released a mini-lp through the label. It is called "The Cloven Hoof" and contains five tracks of wonderful mid-tempo black metal with killer solos.