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Interview with Lord Alatoth exclusively for the Official homepage of Vorphalack. By Alexis "Evil Greek" Xanthopoulos. 1999-04-28.

Hail Lord Alatoth! How is it going and what's happening in Athens a day like this?

Hail to you Alexis and to all the readers. The Vorphalack side is ok since we are now working and finishing 7 new songs for our next work. The weather here is getting hotter and we are going to have again a very hot summer.

What is happening with Vorphalack, what are you doing these days?

As I said we are finishing 7 songs that we are planning to release as a full Lp or Cd. It's going to be a different style from our mini-Lp but I'm sure that everyone will like it. There will also be some kind of intros in every song that will bring a more dark feeling.

When will the next release come out? What label will release it and on what format?

We are going to release our new work hopefully in September.I can't say on which label since we are still in the part of negotiation. We want to release all our releases in a Lp format but if that doesn't happen in our next release we will only then release it as a cd format.

Are you satisfied with your latest "In Memory..." mini-lp. How has the reaction been?

Great!!! All the "true" underground people love it and we have recieved only good reviews except from the closeminded greek Metal Hammer who didn't bother to even listen it and did a review that has nothing to do with the release. The mini lp was recorded during 1998 and we are very satisfied from the production. Also we wanted to break the mini lp to 2 sides, the A side to express our anger for the loss of aAnton S. Lavey and the B side in a more slow tempo dedicated to our black souls.

This "In Memory..." mini-lp is dedicated to Anton Szandor LaVey. Why?

Anton S. Lavey was a big brother and teacher for all of us in the band. We have read all his books and we learned many things from them. It has changed our lives and we learned how to think and behave and his books helped us to awake from the sleep that christianity had us. I must say that a dream came true with this release cause I believe we are the first band from Greece that dedicated the release in the memory of Anton S. Lavey. Many underground "bad" guys from greece always tried to be satanists but they didn't even know the loss of Anton S. Lavey and suddenly everybody forget all the work he has done.

Who writes the lyrics and who composes the music. And what does the lyrics speak about? All the music is written by the guitarist and I write the lyrics. The lyrics are talking about personal experiences and aspects of satanism and vampirism. Also they are taking about weird and strange stories that can happen to anyone. Another subject that fascinates me is the period of the middle ages.

Where do you draw your musical and lyrical inspiration?

As I said the lyrical inspiration is from satanism and vampirism. The lyrical inspiration comes from the old traditional black metal school and from bands such as Black Widow, Death SS, Mercyful Fate and Acheron. Also from Iron Maiden and Manowar.

You have had many line-up changes through the years how does that come? I guess that you are the only original member?

Yes,I'm the co-founder of the band and the only original member all these years. All this time from the first steps of Vorphalack till now I try to find people that fits in the music of Vorphalack in the momment we are entering the studio. When I think that they don't have anything else to offer to the band I simply find another ones. It may sounds a little bit selfish but it's my band and I want the best for the band. I'm not saying that we all are doing what's good for the band, I'm the leader of the band and only my opinion counts in the end. The only thing I can assure you is that all the people that played with Vorphalack are still friends and if I ever need them back they will gladly help me as I will help them when the want me, but in Vorphalack I'm the boss.

Which are the religious beliefs of the band? What do you belive in?

We are satanists and we are also believe in the vampirism not the way all want to believe with sucking blood and things like that but in the ancient way of taking lifeforce from humans.

Have you ever played live? How would a killer concert with Vorphalack be like?

No. We have never played live and if we ever play we want to be something special. There is a plan of playing live in September but when we decide it for sure I'll let you know how the concert will be.

There are many black metal bands today that are nazi/fascist oriented. What do you think about this matter?

In my opinion they can believe what they want but they must not fix nazism/fascism with black metal. Black metal is about satanism and spreading the satanism not talking about politicians/jews/negros and things like that.

What happened with the name Stoned Forest and the record deals with Hammerheart and Unisound?

Hammerheart ripped us off. They signed with us and then continiuosly delayed our release. Fuck them. They are unworthy for Vorphalack now. We piss on their releases.Unisound didn't released the material due to a misunderstanding,we have sold this misunderstanding and we have the utmost respect for Unisound As for Stoned Forest it was a wrong decision to change the name and we change it again to Vorphalack since many friends told us that they want Vorphalack name again.

Tell us About Nar Mataron. Many mix this band up Naer Mataron. What's the difference and what's the story.

The guy from Naer simply steal the name from me and because he couldn't use the Nar Mataron he change it to Naer. Also 3 songs from their debut cd are mine and this cd was supposed to released under the name of Nar Mataron and in fact I'm singing in it and without my permission they release it as Naer Mataron.gladly the cd was big disapointment and it didn't sell as the label expected so when Nar Mataron will release the new work everyone will forget the false ones. After all the guy from Naer he only plays music to find girls and to become a black metal star. Imagine that when I knew him he hated Mayhem and he adored Burzum but when Mayhem came to Greece he invited them to his home and play as a support band. What a "true" black metal person he is don't you think?

What are the future plans of Vorphalack? Any labels that has shown interest?

To release our new work in September on Lp format, we don't know exactly the label when everything is final I'll let you know.

What groups do the members of Vorphalack listen to, which persons do you look up to and what do you do in your spare time?

I listen to: Nwobhm, Iron Maiden, Death SS, Black widow, Black Crusifixion and Acheron. In my spare time I go out with Lucifer's child from Forrest magazine and I'm usually going to various clubs.

What is your opinion on the black metal scene today? Both the Hellenic and the International?

I don't like todays black metal scene. All the false people are playing black metal and there are only few bands that worth to play black metal, you are playing black metal cause you feel it not because you want to have money and be a black metal star. I sometimes remember the first steps of black metal with groups such as: Beherit, Black Crusifixion, Downfall, Blasphemy who didn't knew how to play but I always admired what their lyrics talked about and these bands never want to become famous. Of course there are bands that they still do what black metal is all about "Satanic Propaganda" as Acheron Mortuary Drape, Zemial.

What's your opinion on poitical matters such as the turks on Cyprus and Turkey in general.

I've never liked politic and politicians so I don't have an opinion for that matters. I only hate Turks cause they are even worse than the christians and Jewish people cause they bring "The jesus tale" to the world.

Any final words? Give a message to your fans! Support the war against christianity/buddism/muslims. Only Satan is real. Everyone who will read this interview will not be a christian so may Satan bless you.