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Interview from with Lord Alatoth Ancient Tragedy 'zine no. 2, 1997. By Leonidas.

This was a rather confusing interview for me! I couldn't make clear what the present name of the is. 'Cause this interview has been taken when Vorphalack has changed their name to Stoned Forest while some now say that they've changed their name to Vorphalack once again without releasing their cd yet!!! We considered it sensible to baptise it as a Vorphalack interview because this name is more popular. Their song in the second part of our second compilation was recorded under the name Vorphalack. Lord Alatoth answers Leonidas' questions. By the way Leonidas is also the owner of Melancholy Promotion

Give us a short bigraphy and the present line-up.

Stoned Forest was formed by the name Vorphalack in 1992 by Lord Alatoth (ex. Funeral) and Rotting Soul. In the beginning of 1993 with the help of Than (guitar, keys) and Alex (bass, keys) the badn recorded a 7" ep for Molon Lave Rec. In the beginning of 1995 all members, except Lord Alatoth, were replaced by Lady Lilith (bass), Count Sanas (guitars) and Emperor Palmist (drums) and recorded the "Black sorrow for a dead brother" through Melancholy Promotion. Then the band changed its name to SToned Forest and our first cd will be out by Hammerheart recs. The line-up is Lord Alatoth (vocals), Lady Lilith (bass), Count Sanas (guitars, keys) and Emperor Palmist (drums).

Why did you change your name? Was it your idea?

It wasn't my idea. Jim from Rotting Christ found the name and thought it was a good idea 'cause our style on our new songs in comparison to those on our 7" ep is different. There's also a new line-up, so for our first cd we will use the name SToned Forest. Many people complained about the change of our name, that's why we will change our name again in our next releases to Vorphalack.

Your cd was supposed to be released by Unisound Records. What went wrong and what's your opinion about the label?

The guys that owns the label is nothing more than a thief and liar. He never kept his promises and all the the time he tried to find a way to make things be delayed. Don't mess with (Jew)nisound and kill the bastard faggot!

What support does your new label give to you?

Well, firstly it's a contract for one cd only. A limited version of a gatefold-lp will be next and perhaps a tour in the end of '96.

Your opinion about your label mates Obsecration?

I only know Costas Dead from the band. I haven't listened to their cd, only theri 7" ep, but I believe that it will be a good death metal cd.

Tell us about your project Nar Mataron.

It's not a project, it's a full band. We have released two demos, the first through Melancholy Promotion and the second on our own, but the distribution is on the same company. Our next release will be split-lp limited to 300 copies with Zephyrous. In the beginning of 1997 a full-length cd should be expected.

On Nar Mataron you use many you use many folkloric instruments and influences. What's your opinion about this mix with black metal generally

It's good to use influences from your land and especially if you are from Hellas. Hellas has the biggest history in the world and it's good to use influences in order to teach the world who is the beginner of civilization. You can't expect Jews or Americans to use folk ideas in their music. So in the end I'm positive to the use of folk ideas as long as the feeling is the same to the black metal feeling.

What about your lyrics? Are they from personal experiences?

All the lyrics I wrote are based on my experiences and on my worships, about fantasy, vampirism, satanism, weird stories that may happen to humans. In the 7" ep the lyrics talk about weird stories and mysticism. In the cd it's the story of a vampire king.

Give us your opinion about:

Hellenic Black Metalscene: The best in the whole world.

Necromantia: Great band, great guys!

Mayhem: Historic band, not one of my faves.

Blood: The blood is the life!

War: Great if it's done in the old traditional way. Man to man.

Corpsepaint: Great!!!

Money: Without them you can't live.

Murder: Must be used on Israel and Cyprus (for Turks of course - ancient tragedy ed.)

Rituals: Pass the seven steps of ritual.

Do you believe that your band is underground? If yes, do you want to be famous? What about labels that release stuff only for money?

My band is not totally underground but also not a band that I live from it. I'd like to take back the money I give for recording and some money for better instruments. I hate labels that do it only for money. For example: Osmose, Moonfog, Earache, Unisound, Nuclear Blast and Cacophonous. I have to note that I don't have any problem with the bands of the labels.

A message to the christians to close-up?

Beware of our revenge. Your pityful god is not going to save you. He will be crushed by our Master. Fuck the priests, rape the nuns, burn the heaven, execute the angels... Hail to our dark brothers, our reign has come. Join us in the rape of heavens!!!