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Black Sorrow for a Dead Brother Demo tape

This is the very first official demo of Vorphalack. During the long period of not releasing nothing with Vorphalack I wrote a concept album and the lyrics of the 2 tracks of the demo are parts of the story. The first track "Miserable brother" is talking for the return of a kings brother that has come to take revenge of the king. The second track "In search for Glory" is talking about the story of this king. This song made great impression to the underground world and there are still lots of people that believe that this is the best track Vorphalack ever recorded. This demo was recorded with Lord Alatoth on vocals Lady Lilith and Andrew(session) on guitars, Count Samas on bass (only for the demo recording) and Emperor Palmist on drums. The demo was released as a limited 500 copies and is now sold out.