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Vorphalack were formed under the name of Psychic Crush in 1988.With the name Psychic Crush and with the line-up of: Funeral (now Lord Alatoth) on vocals, Rotting Soul on drums, Peter on guitars and Loukas on bass recorded 2 demos one in 1990 and the second one in the beginning of 1992.In the middle of 1992 Peter and Loukas leave the band due to the fact that the band wanted to follow more dark paths in their music. In November 1992 the band change the name to Vorphalack and with 2 new members Alex on bass and Than on guitars/keys Vorphalack record one promotional track called "Obsessed" and spread a promo tape to various record labels. The band agrees with Molon Lave Recs. For a 7''ep deal and records another track called "In the hall of death" for the release of the now legendary "Under the sight of Dragon" 7''ep. In March 1993 Vorphalack are being included in the "Metal under Greece" compilation and 2 months later the EP is being released. The 7'' gained unbelievable reviews and from all the parts of the world great reviews is being received. The 7''ep sold around 2500 copies worldwide which was a great success for a new Greek band in that time. The 7''ep also released in a very limited tape format mostly for promotional reasons. Vorphalack spread their name of the band till the beginning of 1995.

In the beginning of 1995 Vorphalack records 2 new tracks for promotional reasons again with a new line-up: Lord Alatoth-vocals, Lady Lilith-guitars, Count Samas on bass and Emperor Palmist on drums. Melancholy Promotion released these 2 songs as a demo and the "Black sorrow for a dead brother" has being released. Various labels reached the band and wanted to release a full LP/CD of the band. The band with new line-up consists of: Lord Alatoth-vocals, Count Haridou- guitars/keys, Lady Lilith-bass and Emperor Palmist on drums record an 8-track CD called "Lullabies of a Vampire" and changes their name to Stoned Forest cause the band wanted to make a new start but after 2 months the band decided to change again their name to Vorphalack. The band signed to Melancholy Promotion and sign for a split LP with another Greek band Zephyrous. Four of the 8 tracks of the recorded CD are being featured in the now sold out split LP with Zephyrous.

In the middle of 1998 the band line-up changes again and with 2 new members' Vorphalack records a 2-track promo tape and agrees with Melancholy Promotion for the release of a mini-LP. In the end of 1998 the mini-LP "In Memory..." is being released and is dedicated to the memory of Anton S.Lavey.

In the beginning of 2000 necrolord and mantus has been kicked out from the band. The reasons was musical reasons and Lord Alatoth decided He needs new "blood" for Vorphalack. Till the middle of 2001 the band was only spreading "In memory..." Mini Lp and Vorphalack's name to the underworld.

In the end of 2001 Khal-Drogo (Nocternity) on guitars and Ehetos (ex-Kawir) on bass join the band for the purpose to record the most evil and brutal release Vorphalack ever made. Vorphalack sign to Unisound Records for the release of "Lullabies" of a Vampire that features old material that are now sold-out along with some extra unreleased tracks.